Analysis and Reflection 2 (Film-Tv 1)

In the film Clown Train how does sound contribute to the atmosphere of this film? Describe what you heard? Can you make reference to another genre film and how they utilise sound to create tension and a unique filmic space?

The sound in this film was highly suspenseful and I found myself constantly waiting for what would happen next. The sound made the film feel surreal and as if it wasn’t happening – it allowed for the plot to build. The sound had a mix of diegetic and non-digetic sounds – allowing for a eerie, and even creepy, atmosphere to be created. It didn’t quite feel real and originally I felt that the guy was in a dream.

A similar soundscape is usually implemented in horror and thriller films – when suspense is needed. The eerie and non-matching sound with the visuals created a certain discomfort and unease within an audience. This allowing audience to feel suspense and the known feeling that something bad is about to happen – they are just waiting for the time it will happen and perhaps what it will be. The tension created with sound and visual is for the film maker to somewhat guide the audiences emotions – perhaps to get emotionally involved and ‘feel’ something towards the scene the are watching.This type of sound created anticipation and suspense – waiting for something perhaps bad to happen.

The simplicity of the film made me really love it and it left a lot of the thinking up to me – as we didn’t know a started point of a full ending point. I really enjoyed the film.

Select from one of the readings, up to but not including Week 5, and briefly describe two points that you have taken from it. Points that excite you, something that was completely new to you.

– Sight and hearing. In Bresson, R. Notes on the cinematographer, (p. 50-52). London: Quartet, 1986.-

A sound must never come to the rescue of an image, nor an image to the rescue of a sound”

I had to read this point a few times to fully understand it’s meaning – and it’s the fact that sound and image come hand in hand. What I took away from this was the fact that sound and image work together and to become a whole. It’s also not up to one element to ‘save’ another – they must be as powerful and as striking as one another, as well as relatable to one another.

Image and sound must not support each other, but must work each in turn through a sort of relay”

For me, this created the visualisation of obviously a relay – in athletics where you past the Baton and obviously can not do it without other team members. Constantly throughout the race someone is holding the Baton and if they aren’t, then the whole team is disqualified. This is similar to film – if sound and image don’t work together there is an obvious disconnected and the ‘realism’ from the film is taken away (disqualified).


Rolling (Short Film)
In 300 words or less describe what you thought worked or didn’t. At this stage we don’t expect you to have a great deal of film knowledge or language. Don’t be afraid to use your own words. Things you could talk about – script, casting, timing, camera movement, location. You may not remember much detail, if so, it could be helpful to talk about your first impressions, after all this is what most of us are left with after one viewing

Rolling was what I thought a well thought out short film – as everything was in relation to one another. My first impressions of the film was the the narrative was done nicely but the acting and ‘slow camera’ with the actors sort of detached from the film and made it seem a bit awkward and not as good as it maybe could have been – this may have had something to do with the script.

Although, I found the location and general plot well done. My favourite frame was all the toilet paper in his living room – I don’t particularly know why, but it sort of made it clear to me how much he liked her and the lengths he would go to even talk to her. It also shows how badly he choked which enables a comedic element throughout. The comedy in the film was subtle and probably my favourite part of the film – as it wasn’t over bearing and in your face, although it was obvious what was funny about the situation.

The ending for me was also well done, as I liked that we (the audience) ended where we started. But I would of like maybe 5 seconds longer of the film – maybe to HEAR her reaction to the toilet paper in the living room (like a gasp) and then maybe a comment from him. I feel this would have resolved the film further and also allowed the comedic element to continue. Although I do like how it is up to the audience to interrupt how she may have acted when she saw it.