In 200 words or less please outline your goals, desires – what you want to get out of this semester. You will review this later in the course.
Many will rethink this dramatically by the end of the course – this is a good thing.
Last semester, Film-TV1 was my famourite subjects. I felt I really made the most of it and enjoyed it because I was so passionate about it. This semester, I really want to push myself and experiment furter. I want to really push myself to do the best – so that I am proud of the outcome no matter what. I want to focus on myself individually – rather than focus on working in a group. I feel as though I need learn more about what I am capable of so that I can bring that into a group situation. I love working with groups – but I feel I just focus on what I need to do to push myself creatively. I also want to work hard. I want to push myself and work as hard as I can to make sure I make the most out of this course and set myself up for what I can do once I have finished studying. Lastly, I want to help others with their work (if they need it) – so I can observe how others work and how they go about things. I feel you can learn a lot just by observing and involving yourself.


In this week’s lecture, scenes from Scott Ruo’s ‘Four Images’, Brian Hill’s ‘Drinking for England’ and Chantal Akerman’s ‘D’Est’ were screened.  Choose one of these, and consider, in a single paragraph, what might have intrigued, interested, displeased or repelled you.

Chantal Akerman’s ‘D’Est’

This piece was incredible. It made me feel as though I was in the museum – but rather myself walking through the museum looking at artworks, I felt it was the people on the screening watching me. I felt the piece really highlighted the culture and the people in a light yet invading way. The puzzled faces and confusion really makes me feel as though they are being invaded. The camera softly moves through and I feel this makes for a lovely view and really creates emphasis on a perspective that observes yet engages. The work is both direct and undirected – you are seeing the people in the most direct way, yet it all seems so natural. I dont know whether some ignore the camera as they are being told, or to look at the camera – but it all seems very natural to me. I think it’s beautiul and steady, even relaxing – yet still invasive. It reminds me more of an art film.


Listen to the audio you recorded in Tute #1.  Here. Write a paragraph or two about your recording from a technical and/or “poetic” perspective.


What these sounds evoke for you.  What associations they have.

Do any of your recordings suggest images?  What might they be?

Do any of your recordings suggest the possibility of other recordings?

Ellen and I had a little bit of trouble with recording – it took a little time to work out how to use the device, but once we worked it out we had a lot of fun with it. We really focused on making and creating our own sounds rather than atmosphere sounds. I think we enjoyed this process because we had a lot of fun with focusing the attention to what we wanted it to be. So, one of the sounds we made was with our boots on the ground – although we thought it sounded like chalk on a chalkboard. I found this interesting because there is no visuals yet your mind can imagine anything. I think that is what most interests me about sound – how creative it can be.  I really liked doing this activity, although I think I really need to improve on things technically.