Kate Moss

British Vogue’s NEW contributing Fashion Editor – Kate Moss

Publication: Zoo Magazine Fall Winter 2013-2014 Model: Kate Moss Photographer: Bryan Adams Fashion Editor:  Lotta Aspenberg Hair: James Brown Make-up: Karina Constantine

It’s Time

I’m not going to lie, I have been putting this off – but finally ’tis the time to be… blogging’.

Network Media – what does this mean to me? Without the ‘unlecture’, it means forms of communications – something I feel quite familiar with. Now, you don’t meet many people who live without Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. At the start of the year, within our orientation presentations we were told “If you don’t have Twitter by now, we assure you that you will have it by the end of this Semester” and they spoke the truth – because I in fact joined the Twitter community. Although, I am not a regular user, I like to see what some of the people around the world are doing – celebrities, politicians, publications and broadcasters. What I have learnt; Frank Ocean is a tweeting addict. But who doesn’t want to feel some sort of connection with Frank Ocean? This is what Network Media enables us to do.

Now my Dad is slightly against the ‘online world’ – as he has always taught me that “privacy is a privilege”. For some reason, every time I think of this the movie ‘What Happens In Vegas’, where Ashton Kutcher removes the door of the bathroom and in doing so Cameron Diaz is exposed without any form of privacy, pops into my head. This is basically the opinion that my Dad holds of Facebook – opening the door to over exposure. I wasn’t allowed MySpace (such a shame…) but I insisted upon having Facebook and in doing so, became a bit of a ‘disappointment’, in some perspectives. BUT I did do everything I could to make sure I filtered what went on to my Facebook and used it as a communication tool and a way is showing my recent photography – which has actually allowed me to get a few jobs. In saying that, Dad I do listen to you. So of course, I get the weekly email (ironically) of how people ‘these days’ use ‘way too much of their time online’. Which I do think is very true, yet find myself being very hypocritical.

Funny enough, this year I started my own personal blog (using blogspot – MaddieRoux) – starting a blog is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Perhaps since 2009, when I first found my favourite blogger OracleFox. Mandy Shadforth you inspiration. But of course, I never got around to it as I was in school feeling as though everything else was much more important – setting up my life and stuff… So, when this year begun, I was in a whole different world – school was a ‘cushion’ and when we finished we would have a ‘rude awakening’ because when we made ‘mistakes’ there would be no cushion (a teacher was lecturing us on taking things seriously, but of course we felt too superior to listen to a teacher). Our ego’s were at a high as we were growing into woman – well not me, I was what the called a ‘late bloomer’. But in saying that, University has been a whole different ballgame that I am enjoying thoroughly – so many like-minded people.

I am very excited to see what this subject has to offer and to see what I can gain from this – lets not disappoint.

My Personal Blog – http://maddieroux.blogspot.com.au

Photography / Artwork / Editing – Done by myself (Madeleine Roux)