We can’t predict exactly where we will be in 10 years – but we can have an idea, perhaps. Although what if I you told that the job you will be in may not actually exist?

Adrian Miles constantly tells us its the knowledge and experiences we withhold that can help us in the future careers, that we possibly don’t know are careers yet. This is very scary, yet also very freeing. Its like being given a white piece of paper and being told you can do anything that you want. BUT we need a method, such a drawing, in which we are able to do something. We need to have the skills, knowledge and experience to make something of what we have to work with. Therefore we are generating ourselves into the career that we don’t know of but have the skills of making it what it may be.


I find this a very interesting concept.


The School System

As I was unable to make the week 3 ‘unlecture’, I asked my friend to record it for me through her iphone – ah technology these days and the dedication of my kind friend. It was different listening and not viewing the ‘unlecture’ – I don’t know if some of the things were effecting me more than usual or I was just frustarted I couldn’t see other people in the room and their reactions. Either way, something that I paid attention to was the word ‘structure’.

Now, the structure of VCE differs largely from the structure of Universities – for examples essays. We have been told multiple times to ‘forget what you know’. I am partly thank-ful for being told this, but then again, 13 years of my life was learning a system in which I should forget. Well, thats exaggerated. I was never very good at ‘structure’ so to speak – I could never structure a sentence the way they wanted or even the essay as a whole and I lost marks for this. But I strived and pushed myself to ‘stick to the system’ – even though it was so difficult. To get into the University I wanted, I had to comply with the criteria of VCE (which I don’t think is a very accurate way of testing as the whole thing is pretty artificial, but thats just me being cynical) but I did my best to be ‘most right’ within this system. Funny enough, I didn’t do to bad – which is now irrelevant as its now a number that represents nothing of me but the fact I worked hard once to make myself agreeable to a criteria. But during the time, I felt like my ATAR score would shape me and define me for who I was but it did quite the opposite – I found out my score, accepted it and moved on with my life.

Now, I like to say I am very passionate about writing so when we were told to make a blog I was pretty excited as I have always wanted to be able to report on what comes naturally to me – personal preference. Just by writing what comes naturally to me on this blog, I am really started to enjoy writing again like I once did (before VCE). I am not saying that I am great or can write a perfect story, but through having a place of expression I can work at my personal style and even editing skills – rereading my own writing and being able to advance it. I also love getting feedback from my other peers within the course. I love their brutal honesty and their appreciation of my opinion and even my style. Its very rewarding and in a way confidence building.

Like they say (who ever ‘they’ may be)- “you gotta have faith”.


Adrian Miles – many fluxuating responses regarding the ‘unlecture’, if I say so myself.

In class, we all had to stand up and say our opinions on this ‘lecture’ (according to our timetable) that is not actually a lecture but an UNLECTURE. There were many mixed responses, some quite critical and others very fond of the “New Age” and “New Way” of lecturing students, or rather not lecturing… Personally, I enjoy the interaction of the lecture – although, some feel very timid in front of a large audience. I enjoyed hearing about someone who had been blogging for around 10 years – thats pretty impressive. So, some may say ‘he knows what he is talking about’.

The critical people in the class, and there were a few, felt as though they were an ‘experiment’ in a different way of learning that in fact ‘forces creativity upon one’ – and their view was that creativity should come naturally and never forced.¬†Although, it caused a little bit of a debate in our class where others argued that it ‘enabled more room for creativity’ and ‘freedom’ within the course. I am still waiting to see what I can achieve through this subject and I am willing to find out and experiment with my blog.

Although, like others, I find this a very exposing and daunting experience. Its a common fact that future employees, colleagues and anyone on a profesional level will look us up online – through Facebook, Twitter and any other social media site that we are on. Which in this day in age is completely normal. So in saying this, we need to make sure we use this blog to our advantage – knowing what we write, what images we use and filtering the content we place in our posts. This enables us to be aware of what we are writing and to whom – a journal/diary that may be personal to us yet is placed to the public eye. Therefore we need to make conscious decisions on what we put in our blog.

Ready to learn more.