What did you do well?

I feel like I was very committed to the subject (attending lectures / class) and taking what I learnt outside class. The constraints were really fun to do, and I found myself putting a lot of thought into what I would do for them. I also thought I did well at Korsakow (just not the exporting part). Worked well independently

What have you learnt to do better?

Use the program – as I didn’t know how to use it in the first place.
Look at other peoples blogs (the constraints)
Other short video sites – vimeo / vine
Not everything has to have a story – non-linear

What could you have learnt to do better?

Read instruction throughly and Korsakow – the program. I think more practise into this would have helped me a lot more, although I did all the basics of it, I feel as though if I put more time into doing projects independently (not class related) to get to know the program, this would have helped me throughout the sketch and to gain a larger understanding  of the program. Wrote more about the readings instead of just reading them (put that within my ‘contract’ next time).

Sketch Film – Technical

I found this one of the most frustrating thing to ever do.

Making it was interesting and somewhat easy – once you get use to what your doing and know the basics. The technical terms like snu, had me confused. Interfaces, pattern and content… more terms which I thought one was another and all were each other. But I read up on these things, and started getting use to them and realising that they were actually somewhat easy.

It was the EXPORTING that had me frustrated.
I can’t even explain how annoying this was. I did it wrong I think about 4 times in a row. I missed a step in notes, so it was all my fault, and it’s partly because I am horrible at understanding these types of things. But I had one of my friends to help me and it was all sorted.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good experience and Korsakow is a really interesting way to communicate.

Sketch Essay Submission

Korsakow Films – ‘Hands’ (2013)


The interaction with this Korsakow film is very simple and somewhat calming. The music and the simplicity of the geometric layout doesn’t confuse me nor make things hard to navigate. The guitar soundscape creates a relaxed feeling, but also enhances the curiosity of the clips.

The movement of the title, ‘Hands’, moves along with the music and flickers – my attention goes straight to the title. Below eleven squares show different images of hands in black and white – this leading to different snu’s (hyperlinked videos) and the clips begin to move with the natural sound in which they were filmed. I find that when I first viewed this piece, that all the hands do show a narrative piece, as I first believed every hand has a story – an identity (each clip). Each clip relates to one another with varieties of hands in different environments and situations.

The sounds within the clips, once clicked upon, are diegetic to which they 6-10 seconds is filmed – the guitar song is played softer in the background adding a complex layer then therefore tying it further together. These videos are of a high quality and nearly the whole time in black and white, unless clicked they are then coloured. I find it a beautiful piece because although each clip is disconnected in some way, they are all relatable to one another and each clip is filmed very nicely not revealing any of the individual’s faces – just their hands. This is as though their identity comes from their hands.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.04.34 PM


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.05.06 PM



‘Hands’ highlights a very geometric yet simple template (interface) that suits the organic shapes of the hands. I feel like the organic movement of the hands balances with the geometric layout. There is a black and white theme throughout but once you click on a clip from the bottom – it comes to life in colour and highlights the realism of the clip.

The first screen shown (figure 1) is a simple template that is easy to navigate. None of the clips are moving and therefore are just the thumbnails – although once the cursor skims over the thumbnail the clip begins to play  – this making the story of ‘mulitple hands’ and their identities come alive. I don’t feel there is a specific narrative, as it does not seem to have a plot, but I feel the clips posses a narrative of whose hands they are. It’s as though each pair of hands has its own narrative. It seems as though it’s very experimental but still attempting to tell somewhat of a story.

The creators have created movement in the title – ‘Hands’ – as it flickers on and off, drawing the eye of the viewer. This comes at the exact same time the music starts – and its only the title that slowly comes to life. The music is a guitar riff and is somewhat enticing. The thumbnails below start to appear as the music grows – this building a narrative and even a plot – although the more I look further into the clips, there is not actually a plot, more of an experimental documentary. This work reminds me of a work you would see at an exhibition. I don’t know whether its staged or it’s actually natural and people are being caught on film. I think it adds to the curiosity. Some of the clips are relatable, washing hands in the sink as example, and therefore evokes an emotion within. I feel this allows for a connection with the hands and the people that are never shown. Some of the hands remind me of perhaps a relative, a friend on a train and even myself. I feel the creator has taken such a simple idea and turned into somewhat a documentary that I can relate with into my real life – and therefore the narrative is created by the viewer. The patter, interaction, allows for further thought and more familiarities with my own life. This therefore deepening the interaction, not only physically (by pressing clips) but mentally – as my mind starts to turn the clips into stories. The way it first comes to life is graceful and elegant – this matching with the interface of the template as it is simple and not confronting.

Once I clicked on one of the 11 clips, a new screen then appears with only 4 of the clips, the one clicked is in colour (figure 2). This created an asymmetric piece where the viewers eye goes to the left (where the coloured clip is). Each clip shows different hands and the diegetic sounds. I think the sound has a great atmospheric sound that creates a personal soundscape that makes me feel as though I am with them in that space. The non-diegetic music, guitar, brings you to this calming place – it feels like a video clip. Although I really feel this brings back to my ‘exhibition’ feeling – as you walk through the space of the exhibition, as you look at singular works they come to life in your mind (colour clips) and the rest are still there but are not being viewed (black and white clips) and there is still the exhibition music constantly being played that keeps you in that room (the exhibition). I feel like the work related heavily to this. Its a similar feeling.

I feel the overall creators intention is to feel as though you are the observer – a look inside something personal. Every persons hand is unique to them (no one has the same fingerprint) and therefore I find this work very personal. It could even be seen as invasion of privacy. But it’s as though the creator has allowed the viewer an ‘inside’ view on something real and something personal. The music is also personal and soft, which makes the viewer feel at ease. I don’t know how the person within the clip would feel though – although it seems like a ‘real’ piece. I also think the work highlights how we use our hands in daily task, and what our hands do subconsciously. Which is very interesting, because you don’t always think about what your hands are doing – highlighting something real and insightful.

Carbon Festival

Recently, I was able to work with ACCLAIM magazine for the Carbon Festival.

It was an incredible experience and I was inspired by so many fantastic artists. We were able to sit in on the forums, attend the events after. We also met some of the speakers, such as Janette Beckman – who is a true inspiration to me.

I learnt so much within the 4 days and was overwhelmed with the amount of inspiring people.