All 3 guests have been confirmed –


Mitu Bhowmick-Lange

Celeste Liddle

Helen Gaynor


This is so exciting! I am really impressed by the panel! So finally I could also make the finally touches for the poster and they are up everywhere! I also made the logo! I am really happy with how they have turned out. It’s so exciting to see the poster around RMIT. I am mostly happy that my group is happy with it. I received a lot of constructive criticism and positive feedback and I am really happy for it.

11951863_10153173528447309_2856959362801419703_n 11953207_10153173528507309_930309158019001932_n Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.52.34 pm Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.53.55 pm
















Matt, Sam and Mollie organized with the TV studio people to borrow props for the Seminar. We all have a very specific idea regarding lighting and how the space looks. We want it to feel like a show, and create a new atmosphere to really enhance the experience. This excitement is seriously growing.


The group also filmed the promotion video – and Sarah came up with the idea of the host (Prani) trying to find her way to building 80 – showing her epic adventure to get to the seminar. They all filmed and cut it in the same day. Mardy shot the footage. I saw the video, and it was so exciting to see! It turned out amazingly!!





This week seemed much more organized and you could tell that Mollie was getting stressed about the progress being made. (I am really happy she is team leader, she is working so hard and being so great and you can tell she really wants to do a great job!).


Mollie came up with group jobs –


The teams consist of:

– Guest Team: Will reach out to our guests and keep in contact with them/make them feel welcome on the day of seminar

– Social Media Team: Will take care of all social media aspects of seminar including facebook, instagram and twitter.

– Design Team: Will design poster to advertise seminar as well as brochure for the actual day as a handout. Also will be responsible for printing posters and advertisements.

– Video Promo Team: will be in charge of planning, shooting and editing together.

– Stage Production Team: Will be in charge of stage setup, lighting, audio and filming the seminar.

– Catering: In charge of snacks and refreshments!


This was a clear and productive way to get jobs sorted and break up into little groups to be more effective. I am apart of the design team and stage production. I am feeling excited about being on the design team and here are the mock-ups!


I went with the EPIC ADVENTURE theme – with the mountains in the background. I used the Joan of Arc statue and kept it very black and white. I wanted to make it look like an exhibition poster – something formal yet enticing. I also used a black stencil of mountains to emphasis the Epic Adventure. I also did it to create the mixed media type of poster. I think it turned out well. When I get all the guests are confirmed I will put more detail on the posters and add the logos.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.43.04 pm



Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.43.39 pm










Another meeting time was also made – Thursday’s at 5PM. Unfortunately I can’t make it to these meetings because I have work. Mollie said she would fill me and also with the group meeting summaries!


– Joan of Art: Heroines of the Media –


Week 4 and the team are still a little unsure about the direction. But I have to say it’s still really exciting. There are so many ideas flowing around and I know once we lock in the general feel we want, everyone is going to be really excited and working hard.


Social media has taken a back burner – originally we wanted to do our own instagram, Facebook page and Twitter, but we have realized that is a lot of work. The steering committees have been great and they will probably do a great job helping us market our seminar. So we will come up with hashtags – and the content.


For the poster, I have been doing a lot of research and made a PINTEREST BOARD. Personally, every time I create something or do a photos hoot I need to do research and see what inspires me, and develop my own aesthetic.


LINK – Pinterest Board


I really liked the mixed media approach – drawing with photography. I also liked Sam’s original idea of the poster to put Joan within it.

Rejections –

Sue Maslin – will be flying to Toronto Film Festival


The group had an amazing idea to email Natalie Tran – a youtuber, well known Australian Vlogger. She is a freelancer, and also extremely entertaining and we think it would be so great for her to be on the panel! I feel like she would bring a lot to the table.


We haven’t heard from Clementine Ford – hopefully we hear from her soon. We are going to ask Celeste Liddle if we don’t hear back or she can’t make it! Who is a great seat for woman in the media in the journalism and professional writing field.


I was yet to finish the mock-up’s – but I am hoping to do so before next week! I am really excited. I hope the group really like them. I have had a huge amount of feedback on the Facebook group – and everyone is liking the ideas that I am thinking of and debating!



The groups have been made and it I originally put myself into the film group. Although, I had second thoughts and saw the Woman in Media group and thought that it might suit me better. I am really excited!!!


Mollie was elected team leader – and so far I am really happy. She seems very organized and passionate, and I think that’s very important in a leader.


So far we have set-up a Facebook and have been brainstorming names for the group. The Facebook group is, so far, a great way to communicate. We have been listing names all week to whom we think should be on the panel. There have been a lot of interesting names and ideas for a diverse panel.


Every meeting we decided to have – we would have someone writing the conversation up in a Google Doc.


At the start I was really interested in handling the designs for the group – I had a lot of idea’s for the poster and video. British Vogue released a video of Emma Watson interviewing designers about Feminism/ Equality within the fashion industry and I really liked the aesthetics of the film. I thought it was appealing and had a great use of life. So I instantly took on the role to create the poster / logos / social media. I really wanted to do something visual in this because I feel like I could bring a different aesthetic to enhance the marketing of the seminar.


Mollie took the initiative too write up a summary of what we discussed during the meeting – which was amazing. Because when I got home, it was really easy to see what I had to do and what everyone else was doing. It was just very clear communication. We also discussed stage production, because we don’t particularly like the lighting / feel / atmosphere of the room. I really like my group so far. They all seem passionate about the project thus far!!!

PLAN – still editing


Introduction –

> Introduction of myself (basic – want this to be reflective from start to finish)
> Where I started off / what I was feeling / and what I wanted to accomplish

> What I am investigating
> How I was going to/have gone about what I was investigating


Presentation – NOT POSTED ON TIME

MAY 1st

Up until today – I have not felt the need or desire to write a post. Actually, I avoiding thinking about this subject all together.

I felt a bit depleted. I felt a little rejected and annoyed. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was expecting something a little different. I doubted my idea and my investigation straight after I did it. I didn’t receive critque, and that offended me. I know it was not intentional, AT ALL, and I blame no one – but I didn’t seem to get what I wanted. But I didn’t know what I wanted, so that complicates the situation further.

I felt so vulnerable standing there. I wrote my speech down, and I was ready to go. But there is something that I do, something that I always do – and that’s completely forget about the speech I wrote and just speak. I follow the guidelines of what I have written – but I just can’t bring myself to read out a speech. I like to see peoples faces, I like to see how they react and I also like to see how I feel when I am standing up there.


avoiding this blog for a little while…


FUN FACT – I have an inability to learn lyrics.

That’s untrue actually – I know every word of MY HUMPS by Black Eyed Peas. How does that reflect who I am? Poorly probably. Personally, I think it’s hilarious.

Another FUN FACT – because I couldn’t learn lyrics, I thought – Oh, I would probably be an amazing dancer. So I did dancing (I also did singing lessons, also a massive fail. Why did I ever think that would work in my favour?) and I loved dancing. I had so much fun with it. My teacher would tell me that I “needed improvement” – that I can’t follow patterns. I didn’t care. It wasn’t until I was axed from the aerobics team that I realised I might be terrible. I then became extremely bitter to all the aerobics girls.

Then my brother started DJing. I found that he appreciated just the beat and how it had a narrative. He would show me his new music – and I would tell him what I thought. Visuals would go through my head. I always created a whole story for the song. I could listen to songs on repeat until I made sure I knew what it would ‘look like’. This was about the same time where I was writing every night. I would write so many short stories every night – and I lived through it.

Why am I saying this? I don’t know. I am trying to find the source of my inspiration. Because when I am listening to certain things – I imagine things as well. In my mind there are fluid, moving visuals.



I really enjoyed this film as I found it was very comedic. I also loved some of the shoots – like the motion shot from the car. The dramatic music at the start was also great and I felt it set up the mood within the film well. The pickles guy was casted brilliantly. I would have loved to have seen more of him. I felt as though he was awesome in his role.  The plot was simple, yet affective.All up, I thought it was pretty great to watch!

Granny Theft Auto

I found this film very entertaining. The grandma was my favourite. She was hilarious and I feel the script was very well written. The lines that she said about pasta and everything else she said, heavily established the character. The twist of the two cars was a complete surprise to me – and this was executed nicely. All up, I thought it was funny and very entertaining.


This film had a great idea about it. I really liked the plot, again something so simple, but yet so affective. I thought the guy was cast really well and the sneak in to get the magazine was done nicely – and it was kept suspenseful. I found it funny and it made me a little nervous as I didn’t know how she was going to act if she found out. Although, I would have liked to have seen a bigger variety of shots to create a sexual tension between the characters. I would have liked to have known the girl next door more – what she was feeling. But other than that, I thought it was super funny and scripted well.


This as been one of my favourite subject this far within the course. It was hands on – which I enjoyed a lot. Looking back, I feel I did achieve the goals I set out to do. One being getting involved within the production side, which I did. I put my hand up for cinematographer. I learnt that this position is so stressful – but the good sort of stress that makes you want to keep doing it.

I also wanted to focus on working within a team. I learnt to love my group so much! So many people in my group have so much potential and I really enjoyed listening to their perspectives and opinions on the film and on my work. They made me feel as though I could work creatively with the camera and they would support my decisions and offer their opinions (which I took into account). I really did enjoy this process. I thought it was so much fun.

Creatively, I felt I did push myself to try new things. Although, sometimes I wasn’t able to do so because it didn’t fit with how the group wanted it to be. Which I found to be okay, because I really loved how it turned out and I value their opinions immensely. Robin was also really great when listening to my idea’s and how I should go about them. I felt fully supported in this area and took risks creatively where I could.

I have very much enjoyed this course, it was so much fun and I learnt so much. I know I will be able to use a lot of what I learnt for future projects.

Loz Lion

I am really excited to work with Ellen, Laura (Loz) and Kate in the final K Film piece.

We have generated a lot of idea’s and have gone with the idea of – Beginnings and Ends.

To me, this is like a start and an end. Many people focus on what they have started from to what the wanted to be. In a larger sense, a lot of people say ‘its all about the journey’ – but with this film, we want to cut that bit out (journey) and focus on the start and end.

It also has to do with relativeness – how we can relate a start to its end. For example, a Banana being peeled (start) to just the banana peel (end). The journey or middle part is cut out but the audience can relate it to themselves or their knowledge – the banana was eaten.


REFLECTION #4 – Lighting

Question 8

  1. List the things that you learnt from this experience – this could be things that went well or not so well.

    Lenny: The Box (Monday 1230 Group 3) from s3359186 on Vimeo.

– The experience to do it in a limited amount of time really taught me about how little time you actually have. Although it was really good to gain the experience of being under the pump and thinking on your feet

– Pre-production lacked in the Lenny, and I feel it really shows. We didn’t have storyboards, an order or even plan – and I think this lost us a lot of time discussing what we should do.

– With my group – it was good to see how we worked together and how we are ‘on set’.

– With so many constraints it made the Lenny easier to shoot – just because we weren’t thinking of crazy ideas to do. It made us think more realistically and rationally.