This week was an exciting week as this week we got given the artists that we would be working with on our project. As soon as I found out who my artist was I began looking at her website and various places online that house her work. I was actually quite surprised to receive an artist like Claire Bridge, I’d never really thought that I’d receive a traditional realist painter. I run an online art blog, where I post random works of art that I really love and looking back over my archive it’s rare that I ever post any traditional realist works, so it was refreshing to learn about a style of art I didn’t know much about.


I spent a lot of time looking over her work and reading into traditional realism. Although Claire is a traditional realist painter she does mix this traditional mastery with more modern practises such as distorted figures, abstract backgrounds and a diverse array of colours. I decided to send Claire a brief email just letting her know who I am and that I’d be working on this project with her. I also then wrote up a list of questions for Claire that she could look over and refine for our artist portrait. So far I’m pretty excited to begin work on the project and hope that Claire and I can create something that we both really love.


Catch you later,

Louise Alice Wilson