This week we were organised into groups and tasked with creating a street art video. I was put with Jasmijn and Dusty and the three of us headed off with our massive camera to go film some notorious street art laden alleyways around Melbourne. Filming the laneways was much harder than expected, as we didn’t realise how busy they actually get, it was almost impossible to get shots of the art without having people covering the frame. We decided to walk down a little alley off the main alley and we happened to catch a dude putting a piece. The dude happily let us film him as long as we didn’t get any shots of his face or his side, just sticking with shots of him from behind. It was cool to get to see art in motion and to be able to capture that on film.


Because I wasn’t that happy with the shots of the street art that we got and I know Melbourne has some really great street art to offer I decided to do extra filming by myself. I walked around my local area in Thornbury and managed to find some great pieces and also headed down to Collingwood as that place is literally covered in street art. It was kind of cool to walk around streets that you know super well and to look at them in a different light. Walking down different streets and alleys, keeping an eye out for a great piece of work. Overall I had a lot of fun with the project and I personally love street art so this project was a combination of two of my favourite things.


Catch you later,
Louise Alice Wilson