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Month: July 2015

Fringe Film:  Short Screen Works and Digital Media 

The Melbourne Fringe Festival presents Fringe Film: an open-access showcase opportunity for all forms of screen work. Music videos, documentaries, short films, animation and digital art that explore the intersection of the public and the personal are all welcomed.

 This year, Fringe Film is exploring the idea of digital personas. The screens in our hands and in our homes function as portals to the personal. They show us versions of ourselves and visions of the alternate realities we create. Public screens are all around us. They function as messaging devices, usually used for instructions and advertising. What conversations begin when we make our digital personal realities public?

Melbourne Fringe invites filmmakers, animators and digital artists of all experience levels to submit their work for viewing. All submissions go into the running to win Best Film. Submissions will be screened at the Fringe club on Sunday 27 September, with a curated selection of works screened on the big screen at Federation Square from 17 – 21 September.

The 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival is about seeing and experiencing your city – and the people who inhabit it – in a different light. It’s about peeling back the layers, peering around the corner and discovering something that only Fringe Festival could unearth.

Melbourne Fringe Festival – proudly independent.

Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival – Short Film Competition

We are on from the 4th – 8th of November, 2015 and  are now calling for entries to our Short Film Competition (for more information, please visit:

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