A casting site where you can create an account, post your casting call, and then log into a database containing profiles of every actor who has applied to audition for your project. Make sure you mention me (Paul Ritchard) and RMIT when registering.


Suggested Text for remote filming to be  included in callout (this will be refined so please check this page before sending callout):

Actors will need to have a camera/phone and a tripod and be prepared to be monitored over zoom and record then upload the files to an online drive. We can record the zoom session from our end but the quality is nowhere near as good as if recorded locally. We will assist in this process.


this info footer has to be included in any correspondence (includes verbal) with actors:

This is an official RMIT BComm Media student production – all actors and crew are covered by public liability insurance. Actors will be treated with respect, will be well informed, well fed (reimbursed if remote) and will have footage and finished film delivered promptly at the end of the production. Any production related costs incurred by actors will be reimbursed. If any problems arise with this production and the students involved please contact Paul Ritchard, Lecturer in Film and Video Production, Media, Media & Communication, RMIT.

A suggestion for email or phone correspondence when getting back to actors –
Thanks so much for your interest in our production. We have tentatively cast for that role.
If it’s OK with you can we keep your CV and head-shot and contact you for further productions.

Thanks again,
your name and phone number


Casting or rehearsal spaces

We suggest you organise it after hours or on the weekend. You can do it off campus.
Schedule your actors in half hour sessions – don’t have them all turn up at once.
Make sure you provide clear signage – don’t assume they know our room numbering system.
Make sure you provide water.

1 You can use the edit suites or go into a classroom remembering that if its empty at 31 past the hour you know you’ve at least got it for an hour.

2 We are in negotiations with the uni and RUSU to try and find spaces