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Month: July 2014

Big Break


In consideration of the feedback that additional time would be beneficial we are pleased to announce that MOFILM has pushed back their deadline for the production grant applications. Filmmakers will now have until 28th July to apply for a US$500 – $2500 production grant towards the cost of their film.

MOFILM connects talented filmmakers with international brands and social causes. They believe that great filmmakers come from every background and experience, and with the easy availability of low cost, high quality technology, the essential requirements for a successful filmmaker have become creative intelligence, resourcefulness and determination.

MOFILM has helped accelerate the careers of filmmakers from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa and now they’ve set their sights on Australia. They’ve seen a steady stream of compelling content produced locally and recognise that there’s a tremendous depth of talent here. The MOFILM mission is to provide filmmakers with access to wide audiences, important causes and major brands, and in so doing bring emerging filmmakers to global attention.

Working with Blue Cat Pictures, together we’ve embarked on an extensive search for Australia’s emerging filmmakers to participate in their first open competition here.

Teaming up with iconic Australian brand Aerogard, this MOFILM campaign is promoting Gramping – camping with your grandparents. I’ve attached the Brief from Aerogard which outlines the requirements in more detail.

Basically, filmmakers are required to create and upload a 30 second film which celebrates the opportunity for all generations to reconnect with family through Gramping.

The filmmaker who makes the most effective and original film will receive a US$8,000 cash prize plus a trip for two (including accommodation for three nights) to London to attend the MOFILM event 14-16 October.

What’s more, there are generous production grants up for grabs to help the production process. Between US$500 and $2500 grants are available to filmmakers who apply before 21 July.

Here are the key dates for the MOFILM Aerogard Gramping competition:

1 July – Brief live to international filmmaker community
21 July – Production Grant Applications due
4 August – Grant Winners notified
5 September – Competition Closes

Mid September – Prize Winners announcedWe hope you’ll agree this offers a fantastic opportunity for any emerging filmmaker – both in terms of the prizes available and international brand exposure.

If you would like to share with your students and colleagues, please direct them to the MOFILM website where they’ll need to register at to download the terms, agreement and all the brief support materials.
For further information about MOFILM please check the following links:
The Globe And Mail (Canadian national newspaper)
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MOFILM Hall of Fame:
Examples of MOFILM’s best workincluding Pepsi 2010 short film by Australian actor-writer-director Abe Forsythe and NZ filmmaker Hugh Mitton’s 2012 winning campaign for Coca Cola.


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