‘SciFi Film Festival is dedicated to promoting sci fi film culture and celebrate all things science fiction, with $8,500 in cash prizes.

Have you made a scifi film?  We are accepting submissions to the film festival of feature films, short films, music clips, documentaries, machinima and animations for a chance to gain exposure with $2,000 in cash prizes and awards. A selection from these submissions will be screened at our annual SciFi Film Festival. Closing date for submissions is Midnight 19th October 2014.

Project SciFi Competition offers filmmakers, animators, machinima makers and documentary makers the opportunity to create a short film in just 30 days beginning 3rd October and compete for $5,000 cash and other prizes.

Writing Competition invites creative writers to submit their sci fi short story of 5000 words or less with $500 cash prizes and awards. The winning story is then promoted on our website and showcased to the world. Closing date for submissions is 2nd November 2014.

Cosplay Competition invites costume players to wear their favourite sci fi outfit or costume and compete for $1,000, on 16th November.

Screenings and Awards ceremony showcases short films and awards prizes on 16th November 2014 in Parramatta.

Visit www.scififilmfestival.com to find out more.