Entry to Movie Extra Tropfest 2011 is now open. Join in the fun and tradition of Tropfest by submitting a film into the world’s largest short film festival. Whether you’re a beginner, studying filmmaking or already have a few films under your belt, Tropfest is open to anyone eager to tell a story through film. For the first time this year, any filmmaker from outside Australia whose film is chosen as a Finalist to screen at the festival will be flown to Australia for the event*.

The 2011 Tropfest Signature Item (TSI) is ‘KEY’, and to be eligible for competition, you must include the TSI somewhere in your film. It can be featured in your film in anyway you like – big or small.

Here’s the full list of guidelines required to enter your film into the 2011 competition:

• Your film must be made specifically for Movie Extra Tropfest 2011
• Movie Extra Tropfest 2011 must be your film’s first public screening including online
• Your film must be no longer than seven minutes (including title and end credits)
• Your film must contain the TSI – ‘KEY’

Entries close on Thursday 6 January 2011 at 6pm. Just download a copy of our 2011 Guidelines (and read the whole thing!), grab a camera and some mates and start shooting your entry before it’s too late.

Tropfest is also excited to announce a new partnership with YouTube. We won’t be accepting DVD entries this year – all entries will be received online via our Tropfest YouTube Channel. For more information on how to submit your film visit http://tropfest.com/au.

For the first time this year entries will be received online through a new partnership with YouTube, making it easier for international entrants by eliminating the need to provide their film on a DVD.

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