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Month: April 2015

Podcast about the production and post-production process for films

Audio Chemistry is audio post-production house here in Melbourne that works on short films, documentaries, and advertisements.
I’m just sending you through a quick email about a podcast we’ve recently started producing about the production and post-production process for films. It’s called The Audio Lab, and is aimed at young or independent filmmakers who are looking for more information about the post-production process for audio.
For each episode there is both an audio and visual element, the audio being the podcast and the visual being a tutorial on ProTools. I think it’s a great resource that you may be able to pass on to your students for helpful hints that may help them in their future film projects.
You can listen to the podcasts at:
There’s more resources available at :

TRAILER MUSIC is a collaborative film and music project

TRAILER MUSIC is a collaborative film and music project by creative classical music ensemble anon., based on Melbourne composer Nicholas Buc’s work ‘Trailer Music’ for piano, violin and cello. Visit for full project information and to listen to sample excerpts.
Highlights of the film maker experience:
  • Involvement in premiere screenings, marketing & PR activities by anon.
  • Potential external screening opportunities (festivals, pop-up events)
  • Networking opportunities with film and music industry professionals including composer Nicholas Buc
  • Reward to the value of $500
  • Key dates:
30 April 2015 – EOIs close
May – Selections
June – Production
End July/early August- Screening
Key links:
Mages Ruiz Diaz
Project Manager 
Look forward to hearing from your students. They can use code ‘COUNTMEIN’ for $15 submission fee and more than happy for any enquiries to be directed


Tamara’s appetite for music has becoming a passionate hunger to compose for film and with a Bachelor Degree in Music Composition, as well as specialised training in Film Scoring, Tamara commits herself to write, record and produce at the Industry Standards for every project she takes on.
Working with directors and producers from Deakin University, Swinburne University aswell as collaborating with artists on a national platform,has granted her the means and the momentum to explore originality and professionalism in her works.
With a strong background in music performance, being apart of the MYM community as a child and having the exposure to an expansive variety of styles, artists, technologies and creative approaches has allowed Tamara to have a vast network of some of the highest calibre of musicians and producers in Melbourne.
Currently seeking collaborations with dedicated and famished film makers, game developers and animators.
Tamara is contactable via links below.
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