film purchase and processing and telecine

Please note this is a work in progress
beware names, numbers and prices do change – please alert me if anything is incorrect or outdated

if you need more advice contact me – paul

Roughly speaking, if you’re making a 10 min film you should be able to cover it on 5 x 400ft (10min) shot ratio of 5:1. Including processing then transferring to tape (telecine) I would budget $500 a roll. There are ways of making it cheaper, deals you can make but outlined here is the orthodox way to go.

purchasing your film

1300 139 795
8371 8520
1300 652 054 FAX

I fax a letter to them legitimating that you’re a student to get the 40% off – in that letter I can also place your order.

You pay on pick up They don’t keep change. They take credit card. If you need more stock you can order it yourslef.
rough prices

500T $149.82 ex gst 40%off 400FT(10min)
7218 vision 2 as at 19.4.06
200T $126.72 ex gst
100t $118.80 ex gst

if you want to shoot on Fuji you can but they don’t make purchasing easy

Processing your film

Diana Roberts 9528 6188
35c/ft – 20%(discount) approx $120 a roll
Fax 9532 7307
There is an after hours drop off box


Digital Pictures
180 Bank St South Melbourne 3205
(03) 9251 1600

lemac 9429 8588

About telecine:
It is up to you to book the session
Take your film to digi pics – you can do this before your session so that its spooled up ready to go.
Bring along a dvcam tape for the telecine to transfer your footage onto (you can get one from the tex)
Bring along your camera sheets. You will need to know what shots need to be graded in relation to other shots. In the grading part of the telecine they will correct exposure and colour from shot to shot.
Have an idea of what you want. Cold or warm, strong reds, blown out whites etc. Don’t get them to grade too much as this will cost more and cut off your options in post. Remember we can do a fair amount in final cut.
The telecine operators/graders are always really helpful and constructive.

Please feel free to talk to me about it.