Interface Design


Our interface consists of four boxes (one for the active video, three for previews). This reflects the 4 clusters linking the k-film through keywording: cycling, community, training and purpose.


How we came about deciding on these is through our previously recorded material, that we allowed to develop into its own story. We rewatched the footage and identified the key themes, asking ourselves how they could be used within the final work, considering the elements and techniques that we now know. This K-film has taken the already edited and compressed files from Project Brief 3, but portraying them from a different angle that is more poetic. We’re also experimenting with the use of text throughout some of the granules. We went through the existing material and cut up each file, reducing them into smaller clips. We have tried to rework the existing footage in a way that demonstrates our research and design journey throughout the studio. In addition to this, we filmed additional clips to add more context to each of the clusters, supporting Carly and her story. This new footage allowed us to experiment with a more poetic technique that we wanted to try out, letting our k-film determine the direction it was heading, rather than us trying to force it.

After thorough research into different artists and their methodologies, we decided to work with patterns, and how they help to develop what your k-film will look like and how it will operate. The recurring patterns are what the user can pick up on and engage with throughout their experience. Each cluster is shown in a different position when clicked on, just like the other three clusters. For example, the snus from the purpose cluster will be shown in the top box, while snus in the community cluster will always be shown in the bottom box.

Looking at a k-film as a polyvocal database that allows for an unplanned project, and helps to navigate the user and designer to an end point is something that we, as a group, have finally come to terms with, which allows us to really focus on this aspect for the final brief. Not only have we rethought our idea and how it could be presented through this online medium, we have reworked the material to present a documentary that is nonlinear and uses self-contained granules that are the backbone of the work.



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