The use of HTML

<!DOCTYPE html>


HTML has been a heavily discussed topic for the past two weeks now, and every time new points arise. Week 4 tutorial was dedicated to HTML.

< > ..

</> ..

<html> </html> ..

<h1> </h1> ..

<body> </body> ..

These codes were presented to the class along with ones to insert media, writing and hyperlinks to other websites.

A main point that was introduced to us was .. <   > This is a tag. What we fill this tag with is what we want to do. So an instruction. This is the beginning of our journey through the ways in which network literacy works.

I look at HTML as a series of instructions we are telling to the computer to perform. I find myself asking questions about the nitty gritty details such as ‘Why is a tag those specific symbols?’. It is something you have to wrap your head around, and it is apart of the ever so changing world we live in. It is the backbone of network literacy, the reasoning behind why you can click on a link and it will take you to another place. You look at a website and see the header in the middle of the page, the photograph linking out to various sites, the font and font size, the background, the content, the header styles.. all of this is stemming from HTML.


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