Annotated Bibliography #5

Bower. M, Howe. C, McCredie. N, Robinson. A &  Grover. D 2014, ‘Augmented Reality in Education – cases, places and potentials’, Educational Media International, Vol 51, No 1, Routeledge

This paper was originally already annotated to focus on the educational side of augmented reality technology. The research that was conducted within the group diverted the focus in the direction of student created technologies which this article evaluates and has evidence to support the positive benefits and feedback from its findings. The data was conducted by having students from year 8 through to year 11 participate in an Innovations Centre Project that aimed at exploring augmented reality and its potential in education. In preparation to this task students took part in an introductory workshop that involved a background overview of augmented reality, examples of how it could be used and a technical explanation. The students spent four days designing and developing their augmented reality experiences under the supervision of their teachers. There were various outcomes of what the student’s outcomes were, those being: the interface design enabled users to tap on different overlays that were strategically placed around the artwork, where the user can then find out about history, materials and designs; and the other one looked at the emotional relationships with the aim being to create an experience that represented the mysterious, intriguing and spiritual nature of the artwork. These are all examples that will be closely looked at when writing the final report. It is a new path to look at, investigating how education is positively or negatively impacted by students designing the future of their learning outcomes. This paper investigates the idea of giving this creative reign on students and allowing them to engage with the materials they are learning about, and how they can connect with these materials on a more intimate level.

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