Exercise and Teeth…

Exercise is bad for your teeth? Who would have thought! Don’t know what to think but I thought this article was interesting because like the article states, vigorous exercise is good for almost all of the body — except perhaps the teeth, according to a surprising new study of athletes. Take a look at this article that shows the study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.


Beauty in the Beets

‘Beauty in the Beets’ by Martha Rose Shulman.

Whether Beetroots are roasted, steamed or raw they are great to have in salads, side dishes and mains. Beetroots have their health benefits with anthocyanins and betalains which are known for their antioxidant properties.

-You get Vitamin K and A
-Excellent source of folate, manganese , potassium and copper
-They are tasty TOO!

Once you go raw beet you can never go back! Check out this article with a range of information and recipes for this veggie.

Beauty in the Beet

Experimenting with Food

The want to be awesome cook of me came across an article talking about how Focaccia’s can be both sweet and savoury. They look SO delicious and seem to be an interesting way to eat such a food. So take off the tomatoes and add some peaches instead? Focaccia takes more time to make than pizza, but is apparently less challenging to make and it is more versatile. So I will have to practice my cooking and create this little gem and see what it tastes like.. Or I could just go buy one! Click here for more information!


You won’t know your full potential unless you push yourself!

You are stronger than you think, you can take on more than you ever could, and you have the ability to reach past your full potential. I found this article on The New York Times that demonstrates how your body can handle more than you think. As the saying goes ‘No pain, No gain’. How will we know what our limits are if we do not set out to find them?

Full Potential


I suggest you take a look at GRETCHEN REYNOLD’S article about physical limits and be open to the idea of pushing yourself to reach your goals.

Out-smarted by Technology?

New York Times wrote an article about the future improvements of a smartphone and how it is smarter than its owner by the way it uses data programming. This links to Network Literacy and also Technological determinism, showing just how dependent we are on these items, and how they organise parts in the users life to potentially benefit them. Are we becoming that inept in our own lives that technology is creating new ways to out smart the human race?

The article states: “As our phones merge with our cars, houses and other connected devices, we could well drown in data. There will be more apps, contacts, messages and other digital bits than any sane human has the time or cognitive capacity to make sense of.

As that occurs, the phone will have to morph into an intelligent filter; it will need to be able to figure out who needs you, and why, and decide when to demand your attention. In other words, the smartphone will have to finally start living up to its name?”

To read the full article, which I encourage you to do so, click here!


Dance Quiz
‘Dance Quiz’ is a new TV series on Channel 31, with Glenn Brittian as the producer. This show is about dance schools from around Melbourne taking part in a quiz about their genre of dance, and then performing for their school. This photo is a bit blurry, however it is taken on set during rehearsals.


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