New Idea

After completing Project Brief 3, we had a ‘lightbulb’ moment you could say, in that we were taking in all of this information from lectures and course readings, that it occurred to us that Korsakow is a polyvocal software, therefore through changing our concept by connecting with our recorded material, keywording and themes, we arrived at a poetic response to this final brief. This is where we connect with the idea of noticing that Hannah suggests in her lecture, and allow the materials to lead us to our final endpoint. We are gathering reoccurring keywords/themes from our materials and letting that lead our direction for future recordings.


Our primary focus for the final brief was the development of the K-film itself, with an emphasis on user experience. We wanted to create an interface that works with our theme, and experiment with the affordances of Korsakow to create intuitive navigation and a more visually engaging interface. Throughout the course we have all developed different levels of experience with the Korsakow program, and we have tried to approach the work with an open mind, in order to achieve the best result for our material. Our final k-film prototype was always going to be the main focus in this final project, so we have gone away and researched ways of working with korsakow. We had to think deeply about what Korsakow is and what it has to offer, through our own experience and that of other designers, to really start to understand the affordances of the software.

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