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Emily outlines the serious issue surrounding male privilege in what is largely still a patriarchal society, using the Santa Barbra Massacre as a basis for her discussion. The post cleverly links each stage of the massacre outlined to an online article related to the specific comments or information. Furthermore, the article seamlessly weaves detailed facts about […]


Adrian spoke about API’s at the last symposium and having no real understanding of what this meant… i did a little digging. It stands for: A – application P – programming I – interface Well that sill means nothing to me… sorry Wikipedia, that just won’t do. It went on to say, “specifies a software component in terms […]

teaching network literacy to the illiterate

My father has recently joined Facebook.   image from Odesk This image largely sums up my attitude towards his joining the social networking giant. I constantly dread the never-ending questions like “how do i do the picture thing again?” and “how do they know that i know they liked it?” However, when I stop to […]