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Kiralee on the perks of high school notes that it was a time of greater structure and yet also greater freedom. She suggests less time  is really more time. Under the stresses and pressures of year 12 folios and exams, deadlines meant more action and results where as the abundance of time at uni brings disorganisation, lack of time and above all a crummy feeling that you’re stuck in  a “rut” you can’t dig yourself out of. Good luck Kiralee! Time management is tough!

Evan discusses the demise of the old CD in our digi-world, nominating permanent downloads as the highest ranking way we get our music fix. However, in this world of online streaming, he is surprised that the vinyl record is making a comeback, a shout out perhaps to the days of old or societies obsession with symbols of nostalgia and relics of the groovy music ages.

Jane on the other hand is fan-girling for anonymous street artist from Canberra known only as Abyss. 607!



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