there’s something about Sarah…

I am 20 years young, a waitress, student and mother to a very moody jack russell.

For me, this Blog will be a learning tool, a space to share my ideas and reflections on RMIT’s Networked Media course and share media and information that interests me.

Feel free to contact me over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. A brief introduction and reason for contact would be appreciated.

I am a traveller and at 20 can boast of having been on 2 jaunts to Europe, 6 to Asia and the blueprints for a trip to South America in the near future. I have been a Netball and Basketball coach and have taken on numerous training roles within my workplace at a restaurant. Safe to say I love talking and helping others learn new skills.



Image from Minnie

Being new to the blogging sphere, I aim to gain new writing skills fitted to ‘the blog reader’ and begin to recognise material that is relevant and interesting to share within a blog. I would greatly appreciate any tips and tricks.

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