Symposium 12

Explicit social protocols – racism can cause serious backlash hard and soft protocol – law gives you an order set of rules by which two things can engage with each other  – states, bank accounts, phone to internet service provider techical protocola – are socially written, standard comes from collective social decision online protocols matter […]

a kernel

If pages dissolved as you read them, so you couldn’t go back, what would they become? Whether the result of clever marketing and product placement or not, this question made me think about eReaders. The idea of pages disappearing makes me think of the world going ‘soft copy’ crazy that books, files and all kinds […]

Societies of control

The Galloway reading  makes interesting discussion of Gillies Deleuze‘s idea about “Societies of Control”.   Source: These societies are one’s that operate not with the industrial machines of old, but with new machines, information technology, with computers! As the picture above might suggest, we are being controlled and our leashes tugged at, but by who? and how? Galloway […]

about 3 bloggers

Kiralee on the perks of high school notes that it was a time of greater structure and yet also greater freedom. She suggests less time  is really more time. Under the stresses and pressures of year 12 folios and exams, deadlines meant more action and results where as the abundance of time at uni brings disorganisation, […]