Coffee o’clock #coffetime

Some interesting coffee statistics here from favecoffee including the fact the total amount spent on speciality coffee each year in Australia is over $800 million!! For anyone looking a great cup of coffee in Melbourne, here’s the website of the App I use to find awesome new coffee spots. You can check out the reviews […]

Family time in the digi-age #phonepost

Mum and dad playing ‘words with friends’ against each other on their respective iPads while I snap this “selfie” of us on my iphone as we all sit in front of the tv watching the news. Is this the family of the digi age? Is this what family time looks like in many Western homes? […]

a McLuhanism…..

“The nature of people demands that most of them be engaged in the most frivolous possible activities—like making money.” – Marshall McLuhan Someone one told me that you generally stay in a job for one of three reasons: the people, thee money or because you simply love the job. McLuhan seems to suggest that money […]

Framing the world #phonepost

Image from How do you see the world? Is is it framed by a rectangle? Do you see it in colour or black and white? Is it flat or 3D? When you think about image, how do you game it? Imagine a movie shot/played entirely in a circular frame? Or even the shape of […]


Adrian also made several statements about language to illustrate that the body of language is separate to its reason. Language is the currency we use to understand everything. It is said therefore it is. If so, how is we so often misunderstand each other? He used a simple repetition exercise to demonstrate that language does […]

beginning, middle and end.

At the symposium Adrian spoke about our need for a beginning, a middle and an end in any form of story telling as a result of the forms we use to tell them. He used the example of a book to demonstrate that physically the must be a beginning, for there is a page one, […]

what is creative commons?

According to ‘’, Creative Commons is about showing people how you will allow them to re-use your work. Creative Commons licences enable you to do this through various license elements that detail the kinds of permission they have to use your work. They allow content you have created to be edited, copied, remixed, distributed and […]

there’s something about Sarah…

I am 20 years young, a waitress, student and mother to a very moody jack russell. For me, this Blog will be a learning tool, a space to share my ideas and reflections on RMIT’s Networked Media course and share media and information that interests me. Feel free to contact me over Facebook, Instagram or […]