Symposium 12

Explicit social protocols – racism can cause serious backlash

hard and soft protocol – law

gives you an order

set of rules by which two things can engage with each other  – states, bank accounts, phone to internet service provider

techical protocola – are socially written, standard comes from collective social decision

online protocols matter – breach of protocol to not acknowledge origin, or email and not recognise someone else’s work

they are implicit and tacit – you have to learn by doing

IP ADDRESS:  – internet protocol 3 numbers. 3 numbers. 3 numbers, give it a domain name, looks up DNS table – human readable front ends for the numbers underneath them.

.edu – only for education

.au – Australia

.gov – government

.rmit – RMIT University

/ after the domain name means a folder, where you’re going on the server

you must read the rules of protocol from your engagement

protocol- for tie tightness and toughness

first protocol for www was written by one person  as a r2c – just rules

rule book written – web server, web browser, web page

awkward and complicated without protocol – meeting people

policy – aspirational target e.g. make the internet free and open (but this isn’t how to do it)

protocol – how to

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