Societies of control

The Galloway reading  makes interesting discussion of Gillies Deleuze‘s idea about “Societies of Control”.   Source: These societies are one’s that operate not with the industrial machines of old, but with new machines, information technology, with computers! As the picture above might suggest, we are being controlled and our leashes tugged at, but by who? and how? Galloway […]

technological determinism

“the belief that technology is the agent of social change” – Andrew, Murphie and John Potts  Whether one supports this position or not, as culture we almost passively subscribe to it through our use of language. Potts makes the example of “the computer age” and I would expand on that with phrases like “the digi-age”, […]

this is how we blog it.

Emily outlines the serious issue surrounding male privilege in what is largely still a patriarchal society, using the Santa Barbra Massacre as a basis for her discussion. The post cleverly links each stage of the massacre outlined to an online article related to the specific comments or information. Furthermore, the article seamlessly weaves detailed facts about […]

Anxiety: failure in advance.

There was avery interesting interview with Seth Godin done by Daniel Teitelbaum in the 40th issue of Dumbofeather about “cultivating the courage to explore our interests in a public sphere” and particularly people’s anxiety to just TRY! He starts by saying, “I wish the ideas that elevated our conversations, that made us our better selves, that […]


Adrian spoke about API’s at the last symposium and having no real understanding of what this meant… i did a little digging. It stands for: A – application P – programming I – interface Well that sill means nothing to me… sorry Wikipedia, that just won’t do. It went on to say, “specifies a software component in terms […]


For all the good social media has done for brands and companies… use it incorrectly and you may be committing brand name suicide. Positive brand association… out the window! Good reputation… gone! Campaign… shut down! E-consultancy dedicated a page to the 2013 Top 16 social media fails  from which I found these examples… Strip club Spearmint […]

teaching network literacy to the illiterate

My father has recently joined Facebook.   image from Odesk This image largely sums up my attitude towards his joining the social networking giant. I constantly dread the never-ending questions like “how do i do the picture thing again?” and “how do they know that i know they liked it?” However, when I stop to […]

beginning, middle and end.

At the symposium Adrian spoke about our need for a beginning, a middle and an end in any form of story telling as a result of the forms we use to tell them. He used the example of a book to demonstrate that physically the must be a beginning, for there is a page one, […]