01 unlecture

A weekend and now there is quite a busy flow coming out of the media factory!

Arthur slides from liking the opportunity to experiment to a political slogan. I’m not sure what the connection is, but yes, we support valid experimentation. Chantelle’s take away idea revolves around the difference between knowing what and know how, or in her case know what and ‘being’. Being is a very big word in philosophy, and some of that resonance matters here. Know what is now solved by our digital tools, know how isn’t. And being is a question of, let’s call it cool. There’s no manual there, you know that to be ‘cool’ in whatever you do outside of uni (footy, your band, ballet, poetry, getting in to clubs) is not about ticking clear explicit boxes. It’s trickier than that, isn’t it? Lina also picked up on the distinction between know what versus know how. Glad to see that this has started plant some brain worms out there.

Alexandra comments on self directed learning, and the proliferation of new technologies. Let’s be clear. There have always been new technologies, and always been moral panics about new media, the rub for us right now is that the new technologies are fundamentally changing the DNA of what the media is. Well, they’ve already changed it, its just that some institutions are very wealthy and so, like large dinosaurs, get to hold out for longer than others.

Denham’s takeaways? T shaped people (here’s an explanation from a business management perspective, and a local ad specifically asking for T shaped people).

Finally, Jake, unknowingly, launches into Mode II learning by acknowledging not so much failure but not quite success, and then thinking through why he wants to be at university. Questions about why usually are much more apparent to those who were told ‘no’ first.