lecture thoughts…

I must confess something. This is the first blog post I’ve ever written. EVER.

So far, it seems simple enough (although I have yet to attempt uploading images, linking out to other sites and general blog related activities) and hopefully by the end of the semester this page is looking half decent.

After attending the first unlecture, I thought:

  • It was refreshing because it presented us with ideas that cannot be found in the course guide. So already, I felt that there was a purpose for being there.
  • By detailing his own experiences and interests prior to launching into discussion, Adrian allowed me to understand where he is coming from in presenting us with such assignments as this one.

*I feel that all lecturers should devote time at the start of the semester to properly introducing themselves. It seems like the obvious thing to do but can be easily overlooked. 

  • The distinction made between WHAT and HOW was the take-away idea for me. I’m sure that I already knew this on some level but having it articulated was helpful.

At this stage, I’m looking forward to further lectures and the new setup.



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