Unlecture No. 1

This blog post has been long due, considering that the first unlecture happened about two days ago. Sure I can sorta blame other “commitments” blah blah… Procrastinate, Procrastinate, PROCRASTINATE!

Anyway, I will attempt to sum up what I can remember from the illuminating experience to begin the aptly labelled unlectures.

First things first, what really struck me was the minimal use of explosive imagery with the slides, in comparison to the other lectures I have attended in the past. What really drove the unlecture was Adrian’s attitude towards the whole conventional learning process. Of course, I can’t really compare the subject to how it was in the past, but the idea of having no strict curriculum used repetitively gives me the idea that this will be a refreshing change to everything else out there… For once, I think we actually have the opportunity to experiment with what we’ve got, learn valuable skills for the industry and create stuff that could potentially be published!

In summary:

Pardon my français.

However, there is something that scares me a little about this subject. Despite the organic-ness of Networked Media, there is the prospect of unlectures being about opening up and exploring topics as a communal group, or at least that’s what I perceived of it. I can’t help but wonder if the whole thing would then be reliant on students’ contribution to the topic? I admit that I am slightly afraid of being so open, solely because I am not used to it more than anything else. Would that then mean that we would be faced with a more debatable forum rather than a learning environment? I shall have to wait and see…

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