Have you ever wanted something so much. Something well within your grasp but just far enough for you to touch it with your fingertips only to push it back further behind the book case? Welcome to my life for the past month.

You may recall a post I did about the game Spelunky. Well that never died in fact. It came out on playstation a week ago. Needless to say I’ve been relentlessly playing it just so I could beat it. That never happened. Until last night.

You see with GTA V coming out today I put aside my homework (broadcast partners please refrain from killing me) to make a pledge; to beat this game before I buy GTA. I played until about 11:30. Got frustrated and turned it off. The thing about this game is that no two levels are ever the same. They’re randomly generated. So there’s no real way to practice a winning routine. But as I watched my playstation power down I thought. Nah. I need this. So have hope that my addictions lie in beating a video game and not gambling or something strange. Like eating cat hair (it’s happens I’ve seen it don’t you dare tell me I’m wrong).

So I played for about an hour more. Each session on a good run goes for about 15 minutes. Needless to say there weren’t a lot of 15 minute games… I died over and over to the point where I said screw this. This is my last turn before I go to sleep. And boy what a turn it was.

I’d finally beaten spelunky. My Everest, my moby dick, my god was that a relief.
Not only do I get to feel super awesome about myself I was greeted with this prior to the credits.


So out of one game and straight into the other like a fat pre-teen at an awkward party trying his luck at mixing hommus and French onion dip on the end of a Sakata hoping to discover a new frontier in flavour. GTA is here and I’m ready to dive headlong into this mofo.