Defenders of the Network

So I rocked up to the lecture late. There were no seats so I sat my butt down on the top step right by the exit. Probably a major health and safety hazard but hey…

My dog really needed a wash.

Anyway so I stepped into a dark room with a single slide on the projector reading “why should I come to the lectures if they’re irrelevant?” Something like that. Courier font. Looked serious.

So I listened in and the vibe I got was that poor Adrian was on trial, defending his teaching strategies to the high court.

I mean we’re three weeks into this course. Surely by now Adrian shouldn’t have to be defending himself. Maybe I caught it in the wrong context but it’s really what it seemed like.

To be honest I’m really over Adrian explaining our required proactive approach to get by in the course. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m a full supporter of his methods and I’m ready to embrace it. I’m just over that he’s still fighting that small percentage of students who refuse to accept it. But alas, I can sense that even the most marginal minority would burn a hole into Adrian’s head. He’s passionate about this and I can’t help but respect that. I just hope he gets himself across sooner than later.

It was pretty cool seeing Swell-El and Jasmine get a say. They both were tutors of mine last semester and their input was pretty enlightening. I really liked Jasmine’s take away idea which escapes me. So embarrassing. I’ll update this post if I remember.