Missed Marks

Yes, my diatribe was only aimed at those wondering why. It was using a very broad channel to talk to very few people. The joy, expression, and use of institutional power.

James notes that the question wasn’t answered. Fair enough. Edward ready to move on. James wants more involvement (always good, let’s see if we can get it happening), Arthur’s essentially a thumbs down (and to be fair, I could have let the question slide, it was one question only, but it is a question that if left unattended can grow virus like legs), Daniel is I think on the fence but I like that the expectations and differences from before to now are becoming clearer, Danielle liked some ideas but is unconvinced by the format (trust me, I really share that concern), Blaire sees possibilities but remains a no

Louisa sees the challenge, for Anna it was preaching for the converted. Laura pulled out some good points. Another Anna find some useful bits, Shannen liked Elliot’s outline of the importance of future thinking (which I also thought was an excellent explanation of why being able to think the future was so important for media graduates). Kevin generally a plus, misses Brian (we all do). Alexandra joins the lecture with a job advertisement with curatorial thinking (a term recently coined about what we now do online, a term that will turn up in coming weeks) with networked media. Patrick sort of yes, sort of let’s get on with it. Miguel, aprés-ski, likes the idea of boogie, and what it might bring, Lauren’s a plus but frustrated, and prefers typing to writing,

The takeaway? Simple, your view, my view, is one view of the experience and it is a mistake to think that my joy, or disappointment, is every body’s.