Activity Corner - Script Edits.

Activity Corner – Script Edits.

SCRIPT #3 PAGE 1: – Some of the language seems a little misleading; the word ‘plummet’ implies that the shoe itself is falling into this…

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Activity Corner - Week #2

Activity Corner – Week #2

I hate humid weather Why I hate it: I get all gross and sweaty quickly I get rashes I feel more lethargic I get frustrated…

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Activity Corner #2 - Melvin 2.0

Activity Corner #2 – Melvin 2.0

So we revisited the stories/characters we created in the exercise where we had to list one thing we liked and one thing we hated and…

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Activity Corner #1 - Week 1

Activity Corner #1 – Week 1

So the task was to write something you liked, 5 reasons why and create a person who you think might not like it. We also…

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