Dashi cray

Alright so two things. Two very important things. Grand Theft Auto 5. And iOS 7. Whoa.

On Tuesday I was fortunate enough to get a copy of GTA. The fortunate thing about it is that I managed to avoid the lines that extended out the door. I haven’t felt this eagerly anticipated for something in a long time. And boy was this the thing to get me going.

More on that later though. As many of my iPhone brethren know, iOS 7 came out today. Aside from having to wait out my entire bachelor degree for it to update it’s really cool! A very sleek “androidish” redesign that speaks phresh and hip.


Back to the business end of this post. G. T. A. Mah jam. It’s amazing. The attention to detail of it is unbelievable. The size, scale, humour, action, car physics even. Pyerf. I can’t stop playing it and I haven’t even seen the whole world yet.


Sorry Uni but you just got a lot harder to pay attention to.