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So I did a reading (go me, I think I actually deserve a medal for this).

It’s been real hard getting back into the swing of things after the break. I feel like my life is sorrrrrt of coming off the rails but like in terms of uni. Trust me I ain’t do no drank n I ain’t take no drug. I’m just too invested in life at the moment and unfortunately… for me. Uni doesn’t want to be a part of life. So that’s my spiel but I did a reading! There’s still a life jacket aboard this sinking boat.

So anyway this reading was about Pareto, the vengeful hobo.  Oooh whoa vengeful hobo I like that. New post coming up.

The reading was about this guy who thought up the 80/20 rule. This rule adheres to economic principles and how distributions can be loosely based off of this method. The way it goes in the broadest context is that 80% of money in the world is earned by 20% of the population.

It also diverged into segments which explained the random distributions compared to the power laws. This kind of went over my head but my understanding of this is that random distributions always amount to a bell curve. This is because there is one main underlying variable amongst the test group. So pretty much there is an average of the thing you’re measuring that peaks because there are more of them. But power laws hold no scale. Shit’s different all over the place. No concept of scale here. There’s some big some small but there will never be an average. An exponential. Methods… Ew.