Long Tail Vox Pops

Victoria has useful list. Key point? The long tail lets what we might think of as ‘minor’ but deeply important works to find an audience, survive, and be available. Courtney uses the long tail to think about blogs and blogging (blogs absolutely exhibit the long tail stuff), and how the long tail intersects with recommendation systems. Jackie thinks about friendships and connections, and hopefully some of the questions raised will be picked up by the next lot of readings. Dominic picks up on the importance of hubs (dense connectors). It is these hubs that make all the difference in small world networks as it is how you find your way from one point to another. Rebecca My meanwhile discusses Anderson’s three rules of the long tail for online business. Anna C notices that the long tail provides a way to rethink the creative economy online, with crowd sourcing, which didn’t exist when Anderson wrote his article, as a case in point.