From the Ryan reading.

Causality is a feature of every linear fiction story, events happen because it is convenient to the progress of the plot. Events arise due to cause and effect, due to the relation that events have to its predecessor and to the one that will come after. This is a highly artificial landscape. In real life, events happens because of ‘reasons’ but not because they are a part of some bigger chain of events that will eventuate in the awareness of a higher purpose.

These events are the raw material out of which a story is made. The story is the representation of these events, it is a cognitive construct that concerns these events and how they are related. From this story we can begin to build a narrative.

A narrative is the ‘textual actualization’ of a story. A narrative is the retelling of a story. It deals with HOW events are told, narrative is the method of how we construct the story into a plot.

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