Over the course of these blog posts I have been doing some minor reflecting, but what DID i learn?

About myself:

  • I like things to be perfect
  • I like everything to be planned out
  • I like to make an early start on things
  • I like working on a film crew
  • I like having clearly defined roles
  • I relish open communication and idea sharing

About other people:

  • People have strong opinions, but are also open to new perspectives
  • Working together (with the right people) will create a much more interesting project than going solo
  • If you ask, people will often help you out
  • It’s better to be confident with your ideas and input, than be ‘overly nice’ which often translates to ‘too submissive’ and ‘adding nothing’
  • People are better at certain things, which means if you find a good – say director – let them direct, they’re are BETTER at it than you, which is awesome and you can learn from them

About filmmaking:

  • I developed my organisational skills, DOP skills, storyboarding skills and set dressing skills
  • Different lenses make a huge difference!
  • A decent DSLR often looks as good as a low level cam
  • Untrained actors are sometimes better than trained ones
  • A monitor and a good tripod is KEY!
  • Invest in a gimbal
  • Make the most of the medium – it’s magic
  • Good surrealism, requires good planning

About editing:

  • Coverage is great! Not too much though
  • Things that you don’t think would edit together do!
  • Try not to cross the line, it looks weird
  • A heavy colour grade looks better than a lighter one, don’t be afraid to go hardcore, your eyes will adjust

Until next time,

Louise Wilson