Story without the story?

We have arrived at the last week of the semester and it dawned on Brontae and I that our story component has been lost, and it is THE STORY LAB! After a short freak out session, we had to think of what we can do to incorporate the main element back into our project. We had all of the information that we were going to have on the website and app, however there ended up being only one webisode created instead of two or three, and it was only the introduction, it was more of a teaser than a story component, and the audio artifacts were of JMC’s wife and not of him directly, so our original idea of having the story partly told through the videos was no longer happening, therefore we had to quickly think up what we could do. We went away and decided to add another page to the website called ‘The Story’ and just wrote a quick overview/story about his life which was looking at both of his personal and professional life. This meant that the reader had more of an understanding of his life, and the reason behind creating this world. In the case files, more of a story was added to the final pages of the mini books, to give more information to the user about each case. We were adding more components to the pages within the website such as descriptions to give extra information. We just didn’t think it would come down to losing our story, after all, it is all about creating a story world and transmedia story told across various platforms. This just wasn’t happening. This is the reason we had to write up the story page, and we had to really think about how we would tie everything together. You cant have this project without the story, it just cant happen, so we had to make up for the loss of story in the videos and put it on the website. In future ventures with this project it is obvious that webisodes will be the first element to do more of, so that that component is a strong tie into the story world. It is just a matter of running out of time. The benefit of the video created was that it was an introduction into this huge project, that will hopefully lure the audience’s in to see more of the world on offer.

The story that was added in at the end was written by me, and the information and timeline that I received was done by Brontae, so we had two people working on a MASSIVE component. Once we had finalised what we were going to do we told the group, and then added it to the website in the final days of it being due. We had to do something, because you cant have a project about storytelling lacking the story component, it just won’t work at all. Now we are happy with what we have created, and everything ties in nicely from each platform, with the user being able to now read a brief story about the character before starting their journey through his past.

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