The final days …

It is in the last week before the assignment is due, everything is getting edited, deadlines are approaching and the website is basically finished, just needs to be finalised, the links set and to have everything running smoothly. I am just needing to finish the timeline, finish adding in high resolution images so that everything looks professional and finished. This final week has been a bit crazy as the audio and video components were finished after our ideal deadline that we set for ourselves, which meant they were only going in at the last stages, therefore Brontae and I had to wait to finalise the project. Once we got these we then we could set up the links to the various platforms such as Soundcloud and Vimeo, where you can play the pieces on the website itself. It was quite stressful this last week, as the app and the website are the two most important features, and there was so much to do in order to finish them – it just shows how important it is to try and stick to the deadlines we give ourselves, otherwise its like a domino effect. In the end everything went in, and now it is just a matter of making everything picture perfect, user friendly and making sure it all works properly. Brontae and I have been working very closely with the two components, making sure we have them completed at the same time so they can both go live together. As there was so much to do and Jen and Ellie had finished their components,we had to delegate them jobs that we couldn’t do on our own, we needed them to source images, research how to publish the app, the small jobs that needed to be done with the help of other group members. This meant there was more than two people working on the final product – allowing us to get it done on time.

The group set deadlines for when the app and website needed to be published (ideally), and we worked very hard to get it all done and ready to go. After very long days, emailing back and forth Brontae and I got it done within the deadline, making it so much easier for us to reach the final stages where everything is due. Deadlines are so important because they push you to get the task done, whether they are hypothetical or real, there needs to be a structure of what we are going to do and when we are going to have it done by – this way we can allow ourselves time for any issues that may arise. Unfortunately this project didn’t have all of the deadlines met, meaning everything had to be pushed back, so if there were any huge problems that came up it would have been difficult to overcome. Luckily for us, we all worked through the minor hiccups as a group and overcame them to reach a result.

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