/ Completion of Project Brief Four /

So whilst this semester has been an incredibly difficult uphill battle in terms of life, I am really happy with the final product in which Jenny, Annie and myself have created šŸ™‚

We had to include (which can be found on google drive):

A Production Dossier:

  • Collaborative Contract
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Blog posts
  • Release forms
  • Minutes from group meetings
  • Bibliography and any key references consulted
  • Final Product

We have created an eBook which can be found here – Media Texts eBook

I have thoroughly enjoyed the project and have definitely learnt a lot about the way in which media texts bombard people in their everyday lives. I have also learnt a lot about collaboration in which will be vital for my life as a media practitioner.


/ Media Tutorial – Last One /

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.59.47 am

So today we had our last tutorial for the semester. We continued working in our groups as the Project Brief 4 is due next week.

Our group has created an e-book in which we presented part of today. The fabulous Annie has put it together so that we are able to show research into texts and more specifically advertisements.

My section includes researching television commercials and in particular cereal ads. I am looking at the way in which these are broken down (so the formula) in order to portray a particular message and this is done by watching and analysing several cereal ads.

Above is a screenshot of a convention of a cereal ad (Milo cereal). Of course the actual cereal being advertised is mentioned, however often there is a close up of the cereal box with a faded out background so that we can clearly see the subject of the ad. This is generally paired with a voice-over stating thatĀ theĀ cereal has “healthy” ingredients.

This project has been quite interesting to explore as it is amazing to see how simple these ads are but how effective they are.

/ Sound Design /

Nobody understands the excitement I feel to be starting a new elective next semester. Cinema has been great but the subject as a whole is not where my heart lies. Sound Design is one of my many passions and I just cannot wait to learn how to use particular programs to create sounds even if it is for film.

So what is Sound Design?

According to Google:Ā Sound design is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements. It is employed in a variety of disciplines including filmmaking, television production, theatre, sound recording and reproduction, live performance, sound art, post-production, and video game software development.

Here are several different links you can follow to some of my favourite all time soundtracks/songs from movies in the past 20 years. Everyone hypes over movies like Frozen but I hype over those movies that have the most beautiful instrumental pieces.

In some particular order:

Social Network; David Fincher (2010) (Music by: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) :Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yydZbVoCbn0

The Imitation Game; Morten TyldumĀ (2014) (Music by: Alexandre Desplat) :Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVDQ9eHYJqk

Interstellar; Christopher Nolan (2014) (Music by: Hans Zimmer) :Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDVtMYqUAyw

American Beauty; Sam Mendes (1999) (Music by: Thomas Newman) :Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al21Vtlsg4A

Here is a long video with quite a few different songs from several different films:Ā https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nM33VDmzvkĀ (It’s important to note that Hans Zimmer appears quite a few times suggesting that he has done pretty well for himself and is now a well-respected Sound Designer).

Happy Listening!

/ Week 10 – Lectorial Reflection /

Institutions were discussed today (another option for Project Brief 4)

Institutions are:

  • – principles, values, rules that underlie these
  • – social, cultural, political, economic relations
  • – concern with organising structures of society
  • – term for sociology

ā€˜The Wireā€™ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wire

ā€œMarriageā€ as a social institution

– industry (commercial (photographers/planners etc.)

– historical continuities

– expectations: values (monogamy)

– a legal framework/regulatory

– meta-institutional frame

– rituals, symbolic

– reproduces social relations/expectations

– romantic love ā€“ cultural narratives

– widely accepted/practice

– cultural ā€˜rulesā€™

– community/social recognition


Examples of media institutions:


– The News

– Journalism

– Newscorp

– Cinema

– Broadcast Television

– Community Radio

– Public Service Broadcasting



Media Institutions

– are enduring

– regulate and structure activities

– are ā€˜collectivistā€™.

– develop working practices

– employees and people associated are expected to share values

– public is aware of the status

This lecture was a tedious as I was feeling quite tired. However it was interesting to discuss institutions and the power in which they hold.

/ The Logies and Raising Awareness /

So as many Australian’s know, the inaugural ‘Logies’ of 2015 were held on Sunday evening with some fabulous guest stars including the likes of Ricky Martin and Meghan Trainor who performed their hit songs for the wonderful all celebrity audience.

Some of my favourite actors/singers were absolute stars on the red carpet including Nicole Da Silva (Figure 1), Asher Keddie (Figure 2), the Wonderland cast (Figure 3) and Delta Goodrem (Figure 4).

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.42.43 am


(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)


(Figure 3)


(Figure 4)

There was your best dressed, worst dressed and the in betweeners. But the reason for this post is to congratulate the wonderful Carrie Bickmore on her first ever Gold Logie after about 4 previous nominations. Not only has she just had a baby (and she looks smashing (see images below)) but her speech was on a whole other level. Bickmore stated in an interview the morning after on Nova 100 that she was going to do the usual “thank-you” but had already done it before. She tossed up whether to end the night on a sad note with a sad story but decided that this was the best thing to do – and so she did rightly so!

220023-9b2c5eee-f172-11e4-8640-5412dd2d4115 219971-9bf74df2-f172-11e4-8640-5412dd2d4115

Bickmore looks stunning after just having a baby.. not even sure how she does it!

The contents of her speech included a blue beanie and a thank-you to her late Husband who died of Brain Cancer. The blue beanie was worn for theĀ campaignĀ ‘#BeaniesforBrainCancer’. Her emotional speech raised awareness for the deadly disease, something that has had many talking since because of how beautiful it truly was.

On The Project the next day, the whole crew wore beanies to raise awareness for Brain Cancer.


Personally I believe that this was an amazing thing to do. It is so important that we are all aware of how bad these illnesses are, and raising awareness is exactly what we need to do. Bickmore having had personal experience with the illness of course is more inclined to want to raise awareness, however we must respect those celebrities who use their power and fame to go out of their way to raise awareness for any type of illness/charity/cause. It is so important that celebs are doing this as they are often the most reached people in society and therefore their messages are more likely to get across to more people. It could be said that it in fact is easier for them to raise awareness as they are more popular than you and I so I believe that all celebrities should be doing their bit within society.

I hope that in the future I can follow in the footsteps of Bickmore and be as inspiring as her.

Congratulations Carrie. That Logie was so well deserved šŸ™‚

/ Reflection – Project Brief 3 – Media Portrait /


For this assessment we were required to use the Sony Camcorder,Ā hired from RMIT’s Media AV ServicesĀ Department. I found this camera relatively easy to use as I have had some experience with other cameras in both my own time and in school in previous years. For this production I used a tripod as well as handheld for the majority of my shots. I wanted to practice with a steady hand however at times it is obvious within the film that there is high wind causing the video to look shaky.

I decided to do this project on my brother Alexander as he is a buzzing entrepreneur about to complete his Year 12 studies. He has already made a name for himself around town and I thought he could also use this short film to advertise himself.

When packing away the camera to complete the filming stage, I noticed that there was a lapel microphone which would have worked fantastically during the beach interview scenes as during the editing phase, I had to attempt to edit out the sound of the wind which proved incredibly difficult. However I was able to double up the recordings within iMovie and use particular treble boosting features in the audio setting to reduce the sound from the wind.

It was incredibly difficult to edit the film as I had recorded many decent pieces of information however the project was only asking for a 2 minute snapshot of another individual. Whilst I think I have chosen the best shots, I still think I should have thought more thoroughly about what information I really wanted to get from Alexander.

The production is set at the beach as this is one of my brother’s favourite places to visit.

In the making process I have gained more experience in the use of microphones as well as video recording. I have continued to use iMovie and I believe that it works well for small projects like this, however I would like to gain more experience in other better quality editing software. I have also learnt to consider my location setting choices as the wind has made a huge impact on my audio quality and this has definitely let the production down. However, film is not my favourite element within media and I think I can be proud of what I have achieved/I have definitely improved from the last project.

I would definitely love to have more experience in the audio area as this area is my passion.


Found Footage:

Music used:

Loveshadow / CC BY-NC 3.0Ā – I used this song as the words ‘Change’ are repeated throughout. I believe Alexander is all about making change within his own but others lives. It is also a dance song, one of my brothers favourite music genres.
Film used:
Release Forms:

/ Filming – Media 1 Portrait on Alexander /

FullSizeRender IMG_1328 IMG_1329

so last Sunday my brother and I began the filming for my Media 1 portrait on ‘someone else’.

I have chosen to complete my assessment with Alexander as the main focus of my film, as he is the most important person in my life. He is my brother but to me he is also my best friend. We talk about everything with each other and I am so very proud to call him my brother because he is so talented and already a success at 17 (his success started at 14/15). One day he will be a buzzing entrepreneur (he already is) and will have the world falling at his feet. He is amazing!

I cannot wait to see the outcome of the shots. I know that sound may be an issue but I can always record over the top or edit out any background noise that interferes.

Above are a few photos/selfies from the shoot at St. Kilda Beach, one of my brothers favourite places to be.


/ Media 1 – Seminar 5 – Practice with Video Cameras /

Above is an unedited video of the video camera practice we had before using them for our next assessment (Self Portrait on another person).

Here we experimented with using the tripod (both stable and moving)Ā andĀ handheld (including zoom).

It was a great way for me to learn how to use the camera as I have not used many in my lifetime and this one seems extra extravagant.


Follow my yellow brick road

So hello,

My name is Samantha Beniac-Brooks however I prefer to be called Sammy. It’s my first year in BComm Media and I’m feeling very excited to be starting my dream course. I hope to become a Media Presenter!

This blog has been created so that I can submit work on a public forum so feel free to leave any comments on posts or send me a message! I hope I can beĀ teach you some things about the media as I go on my journey to learn more about the media also. I’m so incredibly excited to have a place where I can share my work to the public! I have always wanted a blog but have never had the time to keep up with it. However RMIT shall keep me in line!

Here is a link toĀ a website run by a few of my favourite celebrities. It’s (I quote credit to the website) “a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering DIY and crafting projects, beauty, friendship, sex & relationships, pop culture, pets, television & movies, nostalgia, fandom, tips on savvy and stylish living meant to inspire a smile – founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi.”

Take a peek and let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll become just as obsessed as I am!


I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I will enjoy creating it and posting!

Happy reading!

Peace xoxo