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For this assessment we were required to use the Sony Camcorder, hired from RMIT’s Media AV Services Department. I found this camera relatively easy to use as I have had some experience with other cameras in both my own time and in school in previous years. For this production I used a tripod as well as handheld for the majority of my shots. I wanted to practice with a steady hand however at times it is obvious within the film that there is high wind causing the video to look shaky.

I decided to do this project on my brother Alexander as he is a buzzing entrepreneur about to complete his Year 12 studies. He has already made a name for himself around town and I thought he could also use this short film to advertise himself.

When packing away the camera to complete the filming stage, I noticed that there was a lapel microphone which would have worked fantastically during the beach interview scenes as during the editing phase, I had to attempt to edit out the sound of the wind which proved incredibly difficult. However I was able to double up the recordings within iMovie and use particular treble boosting features in the audio setting to reduce the sound from the wind.

It was incredibly difficult to edit the film as I had recorded many decent pieces of information however the project was only asking for a 2 minute snapshot of another individual. Whilst I think I have chosen the best shots, I still think I should have thought more thoroughly about what information I really wanted to get from Alexander.

The production is set at the beach as this is one of my brother’s favourite places to visit.

In the making process I have gained more experience in the use of microphones as well as video recording. I have continued to use iMovie and I believe that it works well for small projects like this, however I would like to gain more experience in other better quality editing software. I have also learnt to consider my location setting choices as the wind has made a huge impact on my audio quality and this has definitely let the production down. However, film is not my favourite element within media and I think I can be proud of what I have achieved/I have definitely improved from the last project.

I would definitely love to have more experience in the audio area as this area is my passion.


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Loveshadow / CC BY-NC 3.0 – I used this song as the words ‘Change’ are repeated throughout. I believe Alexander is all about making change within his own but others lives. It is also a dance song, one of my brothers favourite music genres.
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