/ Filming – Media 1 Portrait on Alexander /

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so last Sunday my brother and I began the filming for my Media 1 portrait on ‘someone else’.

I have chosen to complete my assessment with Alexander as the main focus of my film, as he is the most important person in my life. He is my brother but to me he is also my best friend. We talk about everything with each other and I am so very proud to call him my brother because he is so talented and already a success at 17 (his success started at 14/15). One day he will be a buzzing entrepreneur (he already is) and will have the world falling at his feet. He is amazing!

I cannot wait to see the outcome of the shots. I know that sound may be an issue but I can always record over the top or edit out any background noise that interferes.

Above are a few photos/selfies from the shoot at St. Kilda Beach, one of my brothers favourite places to be.