/ Media Tutorial – Last One /

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So today we had our last tutorial for the semester. We continued working in our groups as the Project Brief 4 is due next week.

Our group has created an e-book in which we presented part of today. The fabulous Annie has put it together so that we are able to show research into texts and more specifically advertisements.

My section includes researching television commercials and in particular cereal ads. I am looking at the way in which these are broken down (so the formula) in order to portray a particular message and this is done by watching and analysing several cereal ads.

Above is a screenshot of a convention of a cereal ad (Milo cereal). Of course the actual cereal being advertised is mentioned, however often there is a close up of the cereal box with a faded out background so that we can clearly see the subject of the ad. This is generally paired with a voice-over stating that the cereal has “healthy” ingredients.

This project has been quite interesting to explore as it is amazing to see how simple these ads are but how effective they are.

/ Progress… – Project Brief 4 /

So far I have been working away at discovering the formulas for television advertisements. I will be completing two case studies in which will show a depth of analysis into the ways in which advertisers attempt to sell individuals a product/idea.

I have decided that I will be comparing two breakfast cereal advertisements, which are targeted towards parents of today’s society. I have not yet chosen which advertisements, however I want them to be similar so that it makes the study more reliable.

I have quite enjoyed this project so far as I am learning more and more about being aware of my surroundings and enabling myself to become aware of the deconstruction process behind media texts.

Feedback from peers has been good in terms of what my group is planning to discuss and analyse. I hope it comes together well 🙂