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Institutions were discussed today (another option for Project Brief 4)

Institutions are:

  • – principles, values, rules that underlie these
  • – social, cultural, political, economic relations
  • – concern with organising structures of society
  • – term for sociology

‘The Wire’ – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wire

“Marriage” as a social institution

– industry (commercial (photographers/planners etc.)

– historical continuities

– expectations: values (monogamy)

– a legal framework/regulatory

– meta-institutional frame

– rituals, symbolic

– reproduces social relations/expectations

– romantic love – cultural narratives

– widely accepted/practice

– cultural ‘rules’

– community/social recognition


Examples of media institutions:


– The News

– Journalism

– Newscorp

– Cinema

– Broadcast Television

– Community Radio

– Public Service Broadcasting



Media Institutions

– are enduring

– regulate and structure activities

– are ‘collectivist’.

– develop working practices

– employees and people associated are expected to share values

– public is aware of the status

This lecture was a tedious as I was feeling quite tired. However it was interesting to discuss institutions and the power in which they hold.

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