brainstorm for k-film

– experiment with colour and associational tones (like a colour wheel or a chart going from one colour to a slight variation of tone in the next SNU)

– experiment with contrast rather than similarities > have one SNU linking to things that are totally opposite (in terms of subject matter, colour, texture or even framing/shooting)

– make a film that is visually interesting

– have a K film that is more about audio than it is about visual (the links between the films are about the sound rather than the image)

IDEAS & shots that would go with these ideas:

Music and counter culture
the k film would be about how music genres link other ideas such as clothing taste, interests, environments /how music genres and instruments are linked to each other (sub cultures)
eg. could start off with a shot of a guitar playing a dirty blues riff > links to images associated with this sort of music genre (maybe a shot of a bottle of spirits, an item of clothing, a gig) and then another SNU of related musical genre maybe a shot of a drum kit (which could be linked to various things and also an electric drum kit which takes on a leg of electronic music, club scene)

the k film would be in a choose your own adventure style which has the aim of demonstrating how everything is intrinsically linked and how every decision leads to a range of options and paths in life/butterfly effect sort of vibe
eg. could start out with a menial task in the start of the day like choices to snooze or not snooze an alarm, have a certain thing for breakfast which all lead to different scenarios in every day life OR could be on a grander scheme like choosing hobbies and career paths that lead to scenarios completely removed from the original situation

bizarre love triangle
a k film exploring the links and romantic relationships between various friends and people and the interests and activities that link them

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