FILM TV 2 Test 5 Evaluation

This semester I had the vision to ‘get more’ out of the subject than I did Film TV 1. I aimed to really throw myself in and immerse myself in learning, particularly in terms of becoming proficient with equipment. I wanted to create a film that I was proud of about a topic I was interested in – documentary being my ‘forte’. This semester was exceptionally challenging due to sickness in my group and other personal problems outside of class which prevented me really ‘throwing’ myself into the project like I’d hoped.  I definitely did make a big effort to become more proficient at using the equipment and made the effort to do a lot of the technical work on set – setting up and recording sound, troubleshooting camera issues etc. I learnt a lot of things the hard way (for example, recording the sound incorrectly on one of the shoots due to my bad set up and also about ingesting footage from the cameras) and these were invaluable lessons and mistakes that I now will not make again. Our film was largely a let down for both myself and Matt (my only other group member) due to the fact that neither of us were able to commit as much time and effort towards the work as we’d hoped. We did a lot of the shooting last minute and when it came time to edit we felt we were definitely ‘scraping the barrel‘ rather than having an abundance of good material to work with. In many ways I regret being in such a small group because it made life difficult when one of us was sick – if we were in a bigger group it would not have been such a big issue that one member was AWOL. Having said that, considering the constraints we had and the little time we actually had to put the project together, the final cut has shaped up to be less of a disappointment than we expected. In the edit of the rough draft, we were both exceptionally disappointed and even a little embarrassed with the result we’d produced. Feeling quite disillusioned, we had to abandon all ideas of the film we’d thought we were making and allow it to morph into something completely different instead.  I am very proud of our efforts to save the film and the final result – considering everything we have been through – is definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Adding a few elements we hadn’t anticipated certainly helped to shape the overall narrative of the film and give it substance. If I could do the course again without all of the personal issues and sickness that affected us this semester, the film definitely could have been a lot more poignant and certainly something to be proud of.



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