just to cover my own ass…

I want to preface this blog by describing my stance on ‘blogging’. I have to admit, I’ve got some problems with the concept of ‘blogging’…  before putting these feelings aside and engaging with this task, I really feel the need to get it off my chest. Sort of as an assurance (more for myself than anyone else) and a way of excusing all of the behaviour and activity that will ensue on this page after this post. I really do believe that blogging is an exceptionally self-indulgent activity…. sitting on a computer for hours, expressing your avid and (so you might believe) ‘informed’ opinion on a topic (or topics), like it really matters, with the expectation that people might read it. kind of like virtual wanking. or there’s the other kind of people who blog their everyday activities and day-to-day thoughts, like a personal journal, truly believing that somebody out there is actually going to give a shit about your opinion on James Cameron’s new film or what you ate for lunch–

while I’m all for being self-indulgent, self-expressive, perhaps a little vain and patting myself on the back, here comes the real problem I have with blogging….the lack of authority. people love to ramble on and on, describing their opinion on things they don’t really know anything about. as an opinionated person (who wears their heart on their sleeve) I know that I can get a little fired up. I can also say that I love writing. given the right topic, I can write pages and pages of (dribble). I can rationalise and argue any point I might have, even if I might be wrong. so I think it goes without saying that everything I post on here (no matter how convincing it may sound) is just that, an opinion.

given the topics I might be covering (mental health for one) I need to make something very clear. the things I might write are only from one perspective, my perspective. I am not offering some broad psychoanalysis of an issue because every person is different. your experiences might not be the same as mine, and things that I might describe might not be applicable to you. everybody is at different stages of their journey, varying degrees of their illnesses. states of mind are fickle at the best of times and my own mental state fluctuates radically from day to day… I might write something here one day that seems so clear and finite, only to revisit it the next and disagree entirely. I am not claiming that I have all of the answers or that I’ve worked everything out. I am only sharing my perspective in the hope that it will help others share theirs… and this is merely my attempt to rationalise the irrational.

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