FILM TV 2 Test 4 Q2


Speed and Duration is a tool which is incredibly handy when it comes to creating quick and interesting visual effects through sped up or slowed down footage. In the speed and duration function window there is also the option to ‘reverse’ the footage which also creates interesting visual effects and can be used to demonstrate ‘rewinding’ or ‘going back’ in time. These are both invaluable visual cues which can be used to better demonstrate a narrative to an audience.

Mark In… I or Mark Out… O

The “mark in” tool (and additonally the mark out tool) is incredibly handy when selecting a segment of footage from the viewer to import into your timeline. It pinpoints the exact selection you want to drag into the timeline so you eliminate additonal time you would have had to spend trimming the clip or finding the section you want to leave once you’ve inserted it into your sequence.

Effects… Shift+F7

Bringing up the effects window easily has obvious benefits and improves productivity in the edit suite. The most obvious benefit is that you can instantly add visual enhancements which play with the dymensions, angles, speed, direction and many other qualities of your clip to warp, mirror or even distort the image beyond recognition. This is highly valuable when creating stylised films – particulary, in my experience, abstract or music videos – and adds another dimension to your visuals which instantly creates a more interesting or avant guarde film.

Ripple Delete … Opt+Del

Ripple delete is a function I’ve never used but I can imagine it would save me a lot of time in post-production. Ripple delete allows all the clips (including the audio) to snap up to the point before the clip you’ve deleted and saves time highlighting and dragging all of the clips that follow it to ‘close the gap’ of space you create once you delete a clip. It can be a great way of testing what a sequence would look like without a specific clip and is easy to undo as it is only a single step, rather than multiple steps as just described a normal delete would take.


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